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Let us transform your Warehousing and logistics experience.

Types of Warehouse


Your duty payments? Store in our bonded warehouse!

Cold storage

For all your temperature sensitive cargo!


Labelling to return orders, we have a complete E Commerce Suite!

Distribution Centers

Urbanized Delivery Centers for B2B customers

Dark Stores

Dark Stores will fuel your expansion plans Nationwide!

What Services We Offer?


From bonded to non-bonded, we have the entire range at a national scale!


From sorting to packaging and from deliveries to order returns, we have you covered!


Looking to increase your national footprint? We have the perfect solution!


Nationwide footprint for all your logistics needs, Shehzore to Flat beds!


Insure your goods to be completely burden free!

Additional Services

Customized Warehousing Solutions:

Need a custom-built solution? From layouts to maintenance, we have you covered

Warehousing management system:

Already have a warehouse? Great! Our WMS will enable end to end management


Not sure about what approach to take? Talk to us!

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Reinventing warehousing by digitalizing site availability and booking, giving end to end visibility of goods, and offering scalability throughout Pakistan.

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